BMW Performance Software at ISW

Wish your BMW had a little more power? A lot more power? ISW has the solution! We're proud to offer bootmod3 by ProTuningFreaks, the world's first Custom Tuning Software for BMW F-Series Vehicles.

For Tuning Inquiries on non-F-Series vehicles, please contact us.

Features of BM3 (bootmod3)

  • Dramatic Horsepower & Torque Gains
  • Software Uploaded Directly through the OBD II Port Without Needing to Remove the DME!
  • Tunes Available for all levels of modification -from completely stock to full race builds!
  • OTS "Off The Shelf" Tunes Optimized for 91/93/Racegas/E85. Just set the Tune and enjoy!
  • GTS Flashes Included for Vehicles with DCT!
  • Mobile Application to Change Maps and View Engine Parameters such as Boost, A/F Ratios, etc. (available for Android and iPhone. Must Purchase OBD II Wifi Agent to use mobile app.)
  • Improved Fuel Economy (under normal driving conditions.)
  • Datalogging for over 200 diagnostic channels, up to 40 channels concurrently.

BM3 is Available for the Following Vehicles/Engines

M-Series: M2 | M3 | M4 | M5 | M6 | X5M | X6M

1 Series: 125i | 128i | 135i

2 Series: 220i | 228i | 235i |

3 Series: 320i | 328i | 330i | 335i | 340i

4 Series: 420i | 428i | 430i | 435i | 440i |

5 Series: 520i | 528i | 535i | 530i | 535i |

6 Series: 640i | 650i |

X Series: X3 | X4 | X5 | X6

Engines: N20 | N26 | N55 | S55 | S63TU

(If you are unsure if your BMW is compatible with the software, please contact us via the Contact Form above or call 732-341-3400)

Map Features

  • Speed Governor Removed
  • Increased Rev Limiter
  • Exhaust burble (GTS, custom, aggressive mode), switchable with the steering wheel controls in efficient vs. sport mode
  • GTS Startup Roar
  • GTS DCT Transmission flash
  • Recalibrated Sport Gauges on iDrive
  • Cold start cat heat cycle and cat efficiency check removed (for off-road use)
  • Maps for Upgraded Turbos
  • Tunes for Race Gas, E85/blend, and Water-Meth Injection Tuning.
  • Custom Throttle mapping
  • Backend Flash maps for use with piggybacks such as the JB4

Exhaust Burble Feature Using Bootmod3

bootmod3 BMW Tuning Process

  • We begin by connecting a charger to the vehicle's battery to ensure your BMW's DME is sufficiently powered throughout the flashing process.
  • Next, we plug into your vehicle's OBDII port using our BMW OBD II to E-NET cable to begin communication with the vehicle's DME.
  • We unlock the vehicle's DME using the bootmod3 software to allow a full software reflash.
  • We select the appropriate Map or "Tune" for your BMW (choices made based on Octane level, supporting modifications, etc. We can consult you on the best Tune for your vehicle.)
  • We flash the selected tune onto the vehicle's DME and take it for a test drive to ensure the tune bedded properly.

It's really that easy! Add horsepower and torque to your BMW with bootmod3 software -available at Island Sport Works!