• Carbon Build-Up in Intake Ports is a result of Direct-Injection technology and effects almost all European vehicles 2005 and newer.
  • Carbon build-up can negatively effect gas-mileage, engine performance, and eventually cause running issues and break-downs.
  • We recommend Intake Cleaning Services every 30,000 miles.
  • We offer FREE Carbon Build-Up Inspections.
  • We offer both Walnut Blasting & Chemical Carbon Cleanings (read more below.)

Chemical Intake Cleaning

Our 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner gives us a modern method to remove carbon build-up before your car suffers the negative effects.

Benefits of Chemical Intake Cleaning

  • Less Invasive than Walnut Blasting. We do not have to remove your intake manifold or any mechanical pieces to perform this service.
  • Faster -this process takes under an hour and can be performed while you wait.
  • More Affordable than Walnut Blasting, allowing you to have the service done every 30,000 miles and avoid the negative effects of carbon buildup altogether!

Special Introductory Pricing!

*Note: these are special introductory prices as of 12/18/2018. Our prices may have changed. Please contact us for a formal quote.*

3/4 Cylinders: $300
5/6 Cylinders: $350
8+ Cylinders: $400

Walnut Blasting

Walnut Blasting is the traditional method of Intake Cleaning. It is still necessary in some situations.

Walnut Blasting for Carbon Removal

  • Walnut Blasting requires removing the intake manifold and "blasting" walnut shells into the intake ports while simultaneously vacuuming out carbon deposits.
  • Walnut Blasting is still necessary for severe carbon build-up, especially when it has already caused a running issue.
  • Walnut Blasting is a lengthy process, and we generally ask that customers drop their vehicle off for this service.
  • Prices are vehicle-specific. Please contact us for a quote on Walnut Blasting for your vehicle.